"When the character of a man is not clear, look at his friends."

- Japanese Proverb

We at iKarma, Inc. believe that great businesses are built by good people. To bring your good reputation to the world, we have assembled a team of fine professionals who feel the same way.

The iKarma team is:
Paul Williams, Chief Executive Officer My Profile
Scott Pitchford, President My Profile
Andrew Mayer, Chief Architect My Profile
Lori Leach, Web Design My Profile
Tyler Pitchford, Special Projects My Profile
Robert Lieblein, Multimedia Coordinator My Profile

Based in Jupiter, Florida, iKarma Inc. specializes in providing reputation and customer feedback systems for businesses and professionals. Our mission is to help create prosperity and commerce by bringing greater trust and openness to business transactions. iKarma, iKarma.com, eReputation and eReputation.com are all servicemarks owned by iKarma Inc.