Imperial Marble Kitchens & Baths, South San Francisco, CA

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122 S Linden Ave
South San Francisco, California 94080
(650)873-3575 Fax
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Daniel B - Burlingame, CA
The job was scheduled for 9 weeks. It took over 6 months. Ended up doing dishes in the bathtub for 5 months. They missed appointments, showed up late, did not respond to my emails. We never knew if we more...
Patty M - San Mateo, CA
Working with Imperial Marble was a nightmare. Their plans were poorly done and not accurate, schedules were continually missed, at every step of the kitchen remodel work had to be redone to fix poor w more...
C W. -
If there is a 0, I would rate them that... These guys are THE worst I have come across. I am out of my Kitchen AND Bathrooms in San Bruno for the last 2+ months!!! They HAVE NO CONCERNS for the custo more...
E D. -
The service was not what I expected Sometimes they would not show up. Staff told that this was normal process. "Nothing is perfect" more...

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