Around The Bend Woodworks Benches & furniture, Shelocta, PA

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225 Main St.
Shelocta, Pennsylvania 15774

Hello, My Name is Ted Frumkin, Welcome to Around
the Bend Woodworks. With Special attention to wood
grain, exterior log shape and contrasting natural colors
I create Heirloom Quality furniture & art that affords,
comfort, Style, strength & Beauty. Here Around the
Bend I take pride in every piece of unique, handcrafted
Furniture & Art I create.
I specialize in Unique Hardwood Slab Log
Benches, Wood Slab Log Tables, Coffee Tables,
End Tables, Wood Slab Log Mantles, Log Stool,
One Piece Log Barstools, Log Milk Stools, Log
Plant Stands, Batwing Bar / Cafe Doors, Hand
Carved Log Crosses, Guitar Hanger Shelves, &
My Original Music,& Uncle Ted's Original
BB-Q Rub. In a way its Found Art because I
cut no live trees! I also sell surplus wood slabs
Please visit my website at

Laura Yorba -
I bought a table from Ted and needed to return in because the "butterfly" joint were splitting. Ted agreed to fix it, resell it and send me my money. Well that was May 2010. I am waiting form my refu more...

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