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Groups allow you to join forces with other iKarma members based on any criteria you wish. You can form a work group by inviting members who share the same employer, an interest group by inviting people who share your passion for the same activity or hobby, a business association group, a travel group or other type of group that appeals to you. Each group receives its own iKarma Groups page.


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Top 10 Groups Rating #
Veretekk Community ***** (161)
Xooma World Wide ***** (65)
Ken Crowe on APSense ***** (61)
The Networking Group ***** (48)
Amigo Health ***** (41)
EJT Holdings, LLC ***** (22)
Endeavor Realty Preferred Vendors ***** (21)
Prosperity Cast TV ***** (18)
MyNetWorkSuccess ***** (7)
Travel in India ***** (4)
  iKarma groups enable members to join forces. Groups can be designated either public or private, allowing founding members the option of maintaining control over membership.