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Magali Pithan Araujo
Clinical Psychologist
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 Healthcare Practitioners
Jupiter, FL 33477
United States
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I am a clinical psychologist In phase of transition! After having had exposure to the teachings of Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber I see myself reformulating concepts, points of view and new states of consciousness. Stages are still to be worked and the goal is to evolve! Once I find an integral therapic approach that I indentify with and become passionate about I will be ready to contribute to a better world.

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mary nigri Rating Given: *****
"Magali alem de minha amiga foi consultora de harmonizacao ambiental em tres de meus estabelecimentos e minha residencia!

Adorei o projeto e os resultados foram otimos.

Recomendo definitivamente seu trabalho! Sua companhia eh especial!


Mary Nigri



iKarma Rating: N/R
Richard Rating Given: *****
"A great gentle sun being, a soulful friend with a deep loving heart. Compasionate healer, friend of earth and all living beings. Blessed with a fabulous laugh that makes the angels giggle.


iKarma Rating: 100%
cristiane pei Rating Given: *****
"Magali was my psychotherapist for few months at the clinic of Dr. Mauricio Hirata here in Brazil. One day we met socially and as we were talking we decided that from that moment on we would be friends instead of having a patient - doctor relationship.

Since then I have consulted with other therapists but must say that Magali's "out of the box" approach has had a tremendous positive impact in my life!

I am thankful to Magali and her incredible professional skills! Yes, I reconmen"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
oren meiner Rating Given: *****
"The beautiful and most peculiar ways of the universe,
Had brought this unique light-human-butterfly and myself,
To connect in the name of love.
Magali is a fine” high ranked scout” in the Army of love.
A true blessing to whoever knows her and who will know her. Much love and appreciation here for being who you are, Magali.


iKarma Rating: N/R
Kaye Bernstein Rating Given: *****
"Ms. Rowan has provided me with invaluable guidance with the steps needed to improve my physical space, both at work and at home. These physical improvements and/or adjustments have brought me a better understanding of how to work in a way that is more productive in it's output thus bringing me greater success with each project. The great side benefit of implementing the suggestions of Ms. Rowan is that I have also found my outlook to be more positive and my reaction to the world I live in to b"   more...


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