Sandy Chambers

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234 Waterloo Street
New Hamburg, ON N3A 1T8
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519-662-4383  Home
519-885-8412  Work
519-589-8348  Cell
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I am currently employed by one of the largest financial institutions in Canada. I have decided to get back in to the field that I have passion for and enjoy my work once again! I was previously self-employed for ten years in the area of Marketing/Advertising, Database Management and Accounting. Back in those days it was commonly referred to as Desktop Publishing among other things. If your business needs project management, marketing materials, database management, etc, give me a call and we'll see if I can help!

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"Honesty and openness are sometimes undervalued traits - many would prefer to hide the past, rather than to allow others to freely and publicly record it for all to see. By creating an iKarma Profile, Sandy Chambers has demonstrated a firm commitment to maintaining a responsible and sincere reputation online. Such people, both rare and precious, are a credit to both business and society.

We believe that integrity should be rewarded. The iKarma team is happy to welcome Sandy Chambers to our service."   


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