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As gas prices rise and traditional energy sources become scarcer, international energy and policy experts such as Majida Mourad play a significant role in the world’s future. Mourad serves as Vice President and Partner of The Abraham Group LLC in Washington, D.C. Along with Spencer Abraham, former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Energy and Joseph McMonigle, former International Energy Agency Board of Governors’ Vice Chairman and former U.S. Department of Energy Chief of Staff, Majida Mourad offers strategic advice and assistance to foreign and domestic clients alike.

A specialist in Middle Eastern politics and economics, Mourad gained legislative experience working on staff for Congressman Sonny Bono, his wife, Congresswoman Mary Bono, and Senator Spencer Abraham. Through these years, she also developed and enhanced computer software, research, organizational, and project management skills. When President Bush invited Abraham to join his Cabinet as Secretary of Energy, Abraham named Mourad his Senior Advisor.

After serving on the Bush-Cheney transition team, Mourad became the Secretary of Energy’s main organizer and representative on international affairs, acting as lead department representative and coordinating and attending meetings with foreign ministers, senior energy staff, and heads of state. Additional duties included scheduling advance operations for the Secretary of Energy and advising on strategic planning for domestic and foreign travel. Throughout her tenure as Abraham’s Senior Advisor, Majida Mourad held security clearance.

Combining these U.S. and international policy experiences, along with the lessons of a previous position managing global market research for automotive giant General Motors Company, Majida Mourad brings key talents to The Abraham Group. The company counsels and assists clients in the areas of business development, policy creation, regulatory and government affairs, marketing, and communications strategies, all subjects in which Mourad boasts considerable expertise. The Partners of The Abraham Group, including Mourad, possess a special knowledge and understanding of the energy issues facing the global market and provide valuable insight on the subject.

Mourad first studied at Indiana University Kokomo, earning a degree in liberal arts. She also completed the Advanced Legislative Process Institute, a program sponsored by the Library of Congress’ Congressional Research Service. To learn more about Majida Mourad and her work, visit

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