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Born into a family of computer programmers, Tyler started programming when he was eight (8) years old. He began his professional career at the age 15 with the formation of his first company Tripnosis.com -- a file sharing network. During a break from his undergraduate studies, Tyler worked as the Head of Research and Development for All Video Network, Inc. His work focused on architectural designs for streaming media solutions, live video and radio broadcasts utilizing the Microsoft's media framework. Microsoft, in acknowledgment of Tyler's accomplishments in the field of streaming media, recognized Tyler as a Microsoft Media Solutions Provider. Eventually leaving AVN, Inc. to continue his studies, Tyler received his degree in Software Architecture from the State of Florida's honors college, the New College of Florida. Beyond software design, Tyler researched heavily in the field of artificial intelligence with the culmination of his work resulting in an honor's thesis focusing on object oriented architectures for neural networks.

Post-college, Tyler continued his software career as a consultant and senior architect for several companies. Much of his spare time was spent working on peer-to-peer technologies, which eventually lead to him founding the Azureus BitTorrent project. With over 1.2 million users worldwide and well over 100 million downloads Azureus is arguably one of the most successful open source projects ever developed. After completion of Azureus version 2.0 Tyler received a full merit scholarship to law school and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to expand his horizons, being quite interested in intellectual property law. While attending the Stetson University College of Law, Tyler interned for Pilgrim Software, Inc. of Tampa as an in- house counsel intern, for the Florida State Attorney's office as a juvenile prosecution intern, and for the Honorable Federal Magistrate Judge Monte C. Richardson as a judicial intern. Tyler also spent a semester interning for the Honorable Justice Anstead of the Florida Supreme Court. Finishing his Studies in the Fall of 2007, Tyler graduated in the top 10% of his class receiving his J.D. cum laude. After successfully completing the Florida bar exam, Tyler accepted the position of CTO with Digome, LLC.

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Eugene Ciurana Rating Given: *****
"Tyler is a pretty smart guy, Java and RIFE guru, and fun to hang out with. My interactions with him so far lead me to believe he's a good guy, knows what he's talking about, and overall would recommend him to others as a good contact.


iKarma Rating: 93%
Paul Williams Rating Given: *****
"In 1997 I was walking through the food court at the mall with my daughter and her friend. My daughters friend nodded toward a table full of kids and said, “Look at all those nerds”. My daughter replied, “Don’t show my dad or he’ll want to go sit with them”. When I looked over to see what they were talking about, I noticed two tables filled with kids who were reading some very sophisticated programming books and magazines.

My curiosity got the better o"   more...



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