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I am serial entrepreneur launching my third and biggest technology start-up in the Social Media space. I am also a Social Entrepreneur who hopes to change the world through compassionate commerce where we can do good while living well.

I started a software company in 1999 here in Canada and took it to Silicon Valley. Then when I got back in 2002 I started another technology company that I sold to a company in Silicon Valley.

I have now started my third technology company and yes I think the 3rd time is a charm. The company is called Meritopia and our vision is “to become the Social Shopping Network as well as the Social Marketplace for Home-Based Business Owners (HBOs)”. Each HBO will easily create their business presence like renting a booth at a weekend market. Then thousands of HBOs invite their friends resulting in a Social Shopping Network where people can create wish lists and need lists and have their friends review and recommend products for them.

With more than 50% of households having a Home-Based Business and very few of them having an online presence and none of them having an online presence connected to a social recommender network, I think this is going to be huge.

Some other quick Points about me:
I am a passionate about making the world a better place, one little idea at a time so I encourage people to subscribe to my blog and encourage others to do the same:

Please feel free to browse around my personal page:

So that is just a bit about me, literally. This is the short version of my bio – lol! The long version could be a book – LOL!

Let’s Love & Change The World Together – One Little Idea At A Time!

Love & Light!

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Craig Steinmann Rating Given: *****
"I am a great friend of Allan for 18 years and he is someone to have on your team as everything in life, including: investing, business, relationships are all team activities. Everyone should have someone like Allan (or many) in their life who help you up when you have fallen and most importantly cheer you on when you succeed. As well, your team helps you find answers to questions and opportunities to pursue. Allan doesn't always have THE answer, but he certainly has a team of his own who do have"   more...

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David Raich Rating Given: *****
"Allan is a marvelous human being. He cares about people - SIMPLE. Winning is a habit, and he has it down. Allan has made a real difference in our lives. I've learned, and earned a lot from him and you will too!
David Raich"   


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Cam Burbank Rating Given: *****
"I have known Al for several years and have come to appreciate and respect him in many ways. He is always willing to give to others and does it with such joy and enthusiasm. He is dedicated and is loyal and always does everything with integrity. I never have to doubt with Al. He is a great networker and and has many resources that he taps into to to get things accomplished and is always willing to share his resources with others. Al is very creative and open when it comes to problem solving . He "   more...


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Murray Thompson Rating Given: *****
"Allan Marston;
I have known Allan for over a year now and have worked with him on 3 projects. I have found Allan to be very honest, considerate and a man of integrity. Allan is always willing to help even if he does not benefit personally. Allan is very creative and ambitous. He is a great net worker and encourager. I cannot think of a better person to work with and whoever has the opportunity should take it. I give Allan an Excellent rating in all areas of team work and look forward to workin"   more...


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Ingrid Christiaens Rating Given: *****
"I had the opportunity to hear Allan Marston present "The Money Seminar". I had never heard Allan speak in front of an audience before and I was really impressed with his presentation. He was very well prepared. His speaking style was lively and engaging with plenty of humor and personal anecdotes thrown in. Most important though was his message – with the right skills, anyone can become financially free. Your message was, and continues to be, very inspiring. Thank you so much Allan!"   


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