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KarmicDelights.com, Inc. came into being as a result of the rebirth that I have experienced. I awakened to another way of thinking that made more sense than the way I was brought up to believe. Many people, at all stages of their lives, face similar experience; unfortunately, most of them tend to ignore these different thoughts. When you begin to trust in yourself and give up your fears and live for your dreams you become awakened from within. Likewise it happened to me. I realized that the way I judged, acted towards, and treated people affected the way I perceived my reality. I have chosen to change the way I look at others and in return I found myself surrounded by loving, caring people.

When I experienced the change on the spiritual level, I also realized that my body needs to be changed. A healthy soul lives in a healthy body - and my body, at that point, was nothing close to healthy. I discovered a diet that helped me change my organism into a healthy one.

Humans have been hunters and gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years and have roamed the planet hunting animals and eating different kinds of plants, nuts and berries. From this diet, humans discovered, through time, that certain foods and herbs affected their bodies in different ways. This is how our bodies evolved through the centuries. It is only in the past 150 years that our diets became unnatural. We have introduced chemicals, preservatives, and hormones that slowly affect our bodies, which react in certain ways and eventually can cause cancer. It is not surprising that we find more cases of cancer in the past 50 years than any other time in our history.
The more I read about those issues, the more convinced I was to change the way I eat, to go to a simpler diet. I looked at myself and realized that I am what I eat. I took several steps to change my eating habits. First, I stopped eating red meat and a year later stopped eating chicken. For me, being a Floridian, seafood was the hardest thing to give up but it was finally done on January 1st, 2001. It took 3 years to get to that point once I decided to change my eating habits. Food became medicine for my body. I believe that if my organism is given proper medicine everyday, it will become fortified. Live food equals live energy, which equals life; dead food equals dead energy which equals death.

The secret to health is commitment. There is no one else out there able to convince you to do something other than yourself. It has to be your choice. It is not easy, I am aware of that, but I also truly believe that if you are committed to anything you do, you will eventually succeed. There are moments, when temptation comes to my senses, but then I think of my accomplishments so far. That is the best antidote.

Before my transformation, I weighed 215 pounds and loved eating hot chicken wings and cheese fries. I drank beer and soda which added to my weight. A lot has changed. I want to show people that the change is possible if you choose to make it happen. I want to give you the story of who I became and the way I am today.

The majority of my diet is fruit, vegetables, spring water and super foods (bee pollen, goji berries, hemp). That does not mean I cannot enjoy something outside of my diet from time to time. The secret is to reduce mainstream foods and start reaching for more and more medicinal, natural, and organic products. Nowadays, there are alternatives to the commercial brand products and we also have an advantage of choosing ingredients that make a difference. Today, more and more companies produce natural and organic foods to satisfy larger amount of customers. This tells me that we are making the difference. Through your support by buying organic and natural products, we will continue to change bad eating habits that are leading our society to self-destruction.

Remember, in today's world we have the power to vote everyday. The companies, corporations, and industries we choose to support with our money allow these institutions to gain influence and power or loose them. This is why I choose to support the organic foods industry and other pro earth organizations. Where we choose to spend our money is giving a vote to organizations that we support.

I hope this has shed some light on what KarmicDelights.com is all about. I choose to help humanity remember that by changing ourselves we are changing the world. The power of the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Remember: without you we are nothing.

Love and Respect,
Chad Cooke

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