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Illegal Copy Presentations
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I have been creating videos for the web for about three years now. My first video "How will I Laugh Tomorrow, When I can't even smile today" was originally created for the now defunct Buffy Verse Web Site. My second, and most controversial political video, "Armageddon" made a mild splash on the internet archive and other web sites during the presidential campaign. It was removed for a short time after a series of death threats, but three months and one busted crazy lunatic later, it returned to the web. Other works in my portfolio include: "Is history repeating itself?" a short film created for an education 2000 class, and "That Smell" which was to coincide with another film about drug abuse. After this film fell to pieces I teamed up with my brother D.A. to create the Worst Movie Ever Made -- "The Great Dope Hunt". Although we set out to create the worst movie ever made, it ended up being an award winning film (Bronxwood film Festival winner for the best feature length comedy performance). In May 2006 completed a video I set out to produce in my earlier years of video production. At VMIX.com, YouTube, and of course Illegal Copy Presentations you can see my tribute to my favorite horror villain - Freddy Kruger which features music by Metallica. It might not be acceptable at every internet site; however, it does not actually fall into the catagory of copyright infringement due to the music and video being altered. Also new for me is my recent contribution to www.archive.org --- (http://www.archive.org/details/DriveInMovieAds) Drive In Movie Ads. This special collection features reminders to all of the United States citizens favorite past time until corporations made them obsolete.

Recently completed and uploaded a film I was working on over the summer months. (http://www.archive.org/details/hiding_in_plain_sight) Hiding in Plain Sight / The news media story on illegal immigration is available for download at the internet archive along with the side project (http://www.archive.org/details/economic_idiocracy) Economic Idiocracy. Hope you enjoy my latest additions.

NOTE: all videos can be streamed at http://www.myspace.com/illegalcopypresentations

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