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The Colony, TX 75056
United States
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My journey into real estate began when I moved from the Sunshine State to the Lone Star State in January of 1999. I knew all of one person in Texas, but decided that a change was just what I needed. In Florida, I had worked as an administrative coordinator for a cancer R&D company and a Bacterial Bioremediation company. Big words for a a nine to five job. This change meant leaving family and friends to come to TX and renovate homes. I found two historical homes and began the renovation process. It soon became clear that renovation was HARD WORK. After learning to lay hardibacker board, tape and bed, scape and paint and much more, I decided that there had to be a better way to make a living.

After careful consideration, I began working with Keller Williams and five years later am still hard at work. My interests lie more in helping agents get their business to the next level and moving more into the investment arena. I would love to help you get hooked in with our company as I believe our philosophy sets us apart from other real estate companies. Everyone says they have service. Give our agents a chance to prove they practice what they preach.


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"I had a great experience with Keller Williams Northwest. The agents and staff there are very friendly and willing to help. They have a great group of people and have everything I need in one building. I was able to get closed, find out about mortgages, get insurance and buy my new home without having to run all over the city. I would recommend using Keller Williams again and I will if I ever decide to move again. Thanks KW for making home buying very easy and stress free.

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