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A graduate of the Master of Arts in Contemporary Art program at Christie’s Education, Italian-born gallery operator Sara Tecchia began her career as an artist. After discovering a talent for art promotion, Ms. Tecchia changed her focus to exhibiting the work of other artists. When looking for artists to promote, Sara Tecchia selects individuals whose craft is based in sincerity and the need to make reasoned statements about the world at large. She prefers works with a solid intellectual basis and a strong artistic craft, at the same time emphasizing the importance of creating beauty. Ms. Tecchia has promoted artists at exhibitions and fairs around the world. One of the motivating factors behind Sara Tecchia’s decision to enter the gallery industry was her experience with several New York establishments that she felt would benefit from greater client engagement. Ms. Tecchia, by contrast, spends time getting to know each of her collectors, in order to help them find works that they value for personal, artistic reasons.


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