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Craig Raucher has served as a prominent business executive to four large-scale corporations in the shipping industry over his 30-year career. After graduating from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1975, he joined DHL Airways (today known as DHL Worldwide Express), where he became Director of Sales New York and Global Sales Director. In this position, Craig Raucher helped DHL Airways garner an esteemed reputation as the largest and most respected international courier company in the world. In later years, he also served with the company as a DHL Global Mail Consultant.

In the five years following his tenure with DHL Airways, Craig Raucher served as Vice President and General Manager at Skynet Worldwide Express. Backed by firsthand experience, he applied his knowledge of business tactics to transform the young business into a nearly $50-million enterprise. Craig Raucher’s other accomplishments include the development of marketing, sales, and operational infrastructure to support the divisions of air freight (domestic and international), ocean (import and export), and trucking.

Craig Raucher worked for Corporate Express Delivery Systems Inc. for the next three years, serving as Vice President of the Northern Region. In this capacity, he reformed the struggling production in the region, from the Commonwealth of Virginia to Ottawa, Canada, by lowering the top-line revenue and greatly increasing the bottom-line profit. In his most recent position, at Total Freight Solutions Global, Craig Raucher took over as Senior Vice President and General Manager to transform the brand-new business into a $51-million conglomerate in just 11 years.

In his recreational time, Craig Raucher serves as Commissioner of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic Basketball League, helping to facilitate and manage the group. Craig Raucher and the league of mostly middle-aged players have come together for 30 years to compete twice a week, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, at PS 8, The Robert Fulton School, in Great Kills, Staten Island.

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