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Ketan Somaia is known in Kenya’s business circle as a man with immense business acumen and is internationally renowned in the business world. However in his spare time, he enjoys participating in several sports and has a name for himself as a well known rally enthusiast.

Amongst his various career attributes, Somaia is recognized as establishing Kenya’s biggest motor company, Marshalls (EA), and has been their Executive Chairman for over 20 years. Marshalls has the distribution rights for world-renowned brands such as Honda and Peugeot in Africa.

Somaia started his rally vocation in a factory-built Peugeot 205 GTi and continued to his Dolphin Team VW Golf GTi which entered numerous Safari Rallies in Africa.

His hobby began in 1989, with this custom-made VW Golf GTi model, when Somaia made a second attempt at reaching the finishing line by participating in The African Rally Championships, an international rally that runs through Zimbabwe, South Africa, and across other parts of Africa.

By entering the custom-made VW Golf GTi at these championship rallies in Kenya, Somaia became a first-hand promoter of the VW Golf GTi’s advantage on the road in Kenya, handling the VW Golf GTi on the wet track and making it an unbeatable contender.

Many reports have also been published of his close relationship with Mark Thatcher, the son of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, another enthusiastic car rally fan.

Somaia also enjoys other sports such as tennis, snooker, swimming and badminton and is known for his contribution and sponsoring of a variety of sporting events, namely one, the Kenyan Open tournament in 1991.

Participation in a racing track event requires specific characteristics such as high concentration capacity, high motivation levels, courage and the ability to be part of a team. From this we learn a great deal about Ketan Somaia and how he most certainly enjoys life in the fast lane!

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"As a business man that holds many cars as a hobby i really enjoyed reading you car ride history and hopping to read more about it in the near future."   

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