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Jadewater Group Inc. (Miami, Fl)
COO-Administrative Manager
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Miami, FL 
United States
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Alan Azizollahoff is an international businessman with proven skills and experience in developing and managing institutions and products created to fulfill the fast growing requirements of the gaming community. He was born in Durban, South Africa in 1959 and attended the local Carmel College School. When it was time for higher education, he moved to Israel and studied industrial design at the internationally famous Bezalel School of Design in Jerusalem.

Entry Into the Gaming Industry

In 1985, with education behind him, Alan Azizollahoff relocated to Peru, married a local woman and made his initial investment in a regional bingo business. It turned out to be his first great success and he went on to start Peru's first slot hall. As the industry matured, it developed an online presence and in 1996 Alan Azizollahoff entered the arena of electronic roulette and web-based gaming machines. Together with a software developer, he founded Heal Technology and as he became more invested in the online gambling industry, a growing international clientele followed. In Peru alone he brought in sales of around $80 million by the year 2007 and his companies were located in 30 areas around the globe.

Current Businesses

As a major stockholder in the gaming corporation Jade Water Group, Alan Azizollahoff relocated once again, this time to Miami, Florida to operate the holding company, which markets gaming machinery and computer programs to his worldwide clientele. In addition, he established Clearwater Financial Group and owns shares of SAGSA. His investments include real estate properties, call centers and marketing businesses.

Philanthropic Interests

As a great believer in giving, Alan Azizollahoff donates to Mount Sinai Medical Center, the Hillel School, the Miami Jewish Federation and the US Lupus Foundation. He also lends his support to Israeli organizations such as the Tiferet Shlomo Orphanage and "Pilates for a Cure".

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"A person who cares about the needed..Keep up the good work"   

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"A great man indeed"   

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"I was glad to hear that alan zizollahoff is not only a great business man but is also a big contributor.
Continue with the good work."   

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