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The KSP Tour was created in 2011 by Kristin Boese, along with Sky Solbach, Guilly Brandao, Mitu Monteiro, and Christian Tillmanns. Inspired by the surf aspect of kiteboarding and passionate about the progression and direction of the sport, this team of devoted ambassadors, riders, and world kite surfing champions, developed the KSP Tour through much hard work and dedication. Each founding member of the Kite Surf Pro Tour contributes unique and necessary qualities, driving the KSP Tour forward to ensure a well-received international professional competition.

Tour president and manager Kristin Boese possesses a long history of involvement with world tour kiteboarding competitions and holds nine Kiteboarding World Championships. Boasting an extensive array of experience in event planning and direction, Kristin Boese also founded and continues to operate KB4girls Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to women’s empowerment through kiteboarding. Spearheading the tour with complete determination and utter devotion, Kristin Boese persists in her aims, furthering growth and progression within the sport of kiteboarding.

Also a kiteboarding world champion several times over, Sky Solbach contributes his extensive knowledge of kite surfing events and competitions with over a decade of industry experience and design insight. Known for his trademark surfing style, a deep commitment to one of the most successful kiting brands in the industry (North Kiteboarding), and his humble, happy nature, Sky Solbach operates as the Vice President of the KSP Tour, with steadfast resolve and definite purpose.

Guilly Brandao acts as co-founder of the Kite Surf Pro Tour. A devoted KSP Tour team member and lifetime surfer, Guilly Brandao contributes much to the sport of kite surfing. In past years, Guilly Brandao has won numerous kiteboarding awards and titles, including the Brazilian Freestyle Championship, the Brazilian Wave Championship, and three World Wave Championships. For the KSP Tour, Guilly Brandao provides vision and uncompromised passion, with consistent direction, feedback, and support.

A Cabo Verde native, Mitu Monteiro serves as a founder of the KSP Tour as well. Respected and recognized for his daring kite surfing style and skill, Mitu Monteiro has achieved four KPWT titles within the last five years. The Kite Surf Pro Tour turned to Mitu Monteiro for his valuable insight and dedication to the sport of kiteboarding. Serving as a member of the KSP Tour Advisory Board, Mitu Monteiro looks forward to working with the first ever, professional kite surfing wave tour.

Christian Tillmanns currently operates as the KSP Media Director. The owner of his own communications business, Christian Tillmans knows well the intricacies and challenges of forging a successful media campaign. With an extensive knowledge pertaining to the world of kite surfing and a love for the ocean, wind, and waves, Christian Tilmanns represented the perfect fit for the KSP Tour. In fact, Christian Tillmanns received recognition for his work with the World Cup in Fuerteventura, Spain. Today, Christian Tillmanns continues to foster media partnerships for work with the Kite Surf Pro Tour, projecting a 300+ million viewership for the 2011 KSP Tour events.


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