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Keith Gilabert is the Author of Slavery Civilization, and Economy: Building an Economy for Sustainable Earth. He has also authored several books and has published articles in numerous magazines and journals. He is affiliated with over a dozen different human rights and non-profit organizations.

Keith Gilabert is also the founder of Renovatio Group a Human Rights Policy Institute.

Gilabert has represented over 50 clients who have had their due process rights violated in US Federal Court. He is passionate about freedom and civil liberties. Gilabert states, “It doesn’t matter what you think or believe. The only thing that matters is what you do. We are defined by our actions.”

Throughout his career, Keith Gilabert has provided leadership and entrepreneurial initiatives to many task forces and committees whose roles have been to combat environmental degradation, including the EDC (Economic Development Commission). Along with many other projects, Gilabert has appeared on national television and several radio shows. He has addressed many audiences, including U.S. Committees and Major Financial Institutions on socio-economic issues affecting our markets. He continues to work as an analyst, writing and speaking widely on economic issues.

Keith Gilabert has provided a crucial and compelling voice for ecological consciousness and compassionate social change.

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