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Dawn Hughes
Newborn Photography
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5065 Little Beth Drive S
Boynton Beach, FL 33472
United States
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(561) 351-1714  Cell
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"No moment is too small, no moment is too short, to be captured and remembered forever."

I love that we specialize in small, intimate, lasting photography, and believe that the smallest moments become the most important and remembered ones. If you are looking for timeless memories, please contact me so that I can help you document the best memory for you and your loved ones.

We specialize in up-close photography, baby photos, head shots, portraits, group photos and most types of general photography.

We are also available for live-action shoots, including real-life, sports, racing and more, with capabilities for hi-res single and multi-shot capture.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Andrew Mayer Rating Given: *****
"I've known Dawn for years, but only recently have I seen her with a camera and how she can wield it.

Two words: Photo Ninja."   



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