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Westbrook, CT 06498
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Lisa Mikulski is the owner of LisaMikulski.com and is principal/designer of Dragonfly Blu Design. The office is based in Connecticut.

Creative Arts Management services include artist representation, gallery and event management. This goes hand and hand with Dragonfly's committment to artfully created websites and graphic design services for artists, galleries and art concerns.

Lisa has designed for businesses and individuals locally, nationally and internationally.

Lisa received her education in Art History and Fine Arts from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Receiving highest honors, she was the recipient of the Baird Fellowship that allowed her to study art and architecture in Paris, France. Prior to starting her own business, she worked in corporate and project management consulting. She brings exceptional organizational ability and an understanding of business management to Dragonfly Blu Design and to her clients.

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David Black Rating Given: *****
"Lisa Mikulski has designed websites for me and guided the marketing of my paintings. She is a creative and innovative designer and her marketing ideas are always one step ahead of the norm. I recommend her for her talent, enthusiasm, concentrasted effort, and enjoyment of work."   


iKarma Rating: N/R
Wendy Feer Rating Given: *****
"As a former colleague and long-time associate of Ms. Mikulski, principal of Dragonfly Blu Design, I would recommend her work without hesitation. She brings creativity, integrity, and professionalism to every assignment. "   



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