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Jim Windwalker
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35 Bence Road
Cragford, AL 36255
United States
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Defend The Wolves
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I am Director/Founder of the First Nations Outreach Project.
FNORP deals in First Nations Issues as well as community,cultural,language preservation and civil rights violations.

In addition, FNORP also owns and operates Wolf Gardens Wildlife Center which currently houses 38 rescued wolves. Wolf Gardens is developing an educational program which will focus on wildlife and environmental protection as well as habitat preservation.

Jim Windwalker has 30 years experience in First Nations Civil Rights issues, 35 years experience in animal husbandry and 10 years experience in wolf rescue.

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"Jim is a kind and helpful ally. He works tirelessly to further the causes he believes in, yet still finds time to encourage others. He's been known to travel great distances when someone needs him... even if he had to walk. I trust Jim implicitly."   



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