Octavio Pitaluga
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
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Rio de Janeiro, 21 
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Certified international business coach, trainer, public speaker and business networker. In the corporate world, Octavio has worked for Tele2 Europe as Marketing and Sales Director of its electronic transactions processing subsidiary, 3C Communications, responsible for operations in up to 17 countries and four business units in Western Europe. He also worked for Seara Alimentos (Cargill Group now) and Kanematsu do Brasil Ltda. Octavio possesses for RSM Erasmus University, The Netherlands and post-graduation studies in International Business for UFRJ/ECEX. His academic background and professional experience relates to sciences, international business and marketing of technology with relevant international business exposure in more than 25 countries. Octavio has been developing a strong presence in the major online networking platforms reaching a sizeable network in Brazil and abroad. Languages skills: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese (intermediate). Hobbies: friends, family, travelling, horses, multi-cultural issues, movies, dancing and out-door activities in general.

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