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Simon Heathcote-Parker
Senior Consultant
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 Consulting Services
Josefstaedter Strasse 76/11
Vienna, 09 1080
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+43 69911 839658  Work
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Shp Consulting's wide range of services are all available via the internet and come under the general heading of 'Personal and Professional Development'. Should you, or any of your contacts, require: Success Coaching & Hypnotherapy, Business English Communication (including translation into English from Dutch, French, German and/or Spanish, English language editing, proofreading, web design and voiceovers), Arts Management Consultancy, or Music Production and Promotion, you now know who to ask. I look forward to being of service to you at some point.

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iKarma Rating: 98%
About: SICU (Synergy Integrated Int.; Connects the Unconnected) Rating Given: *****
"A truly dedicated professional who delivers. I would heartily recommend Tom wherever and whenever."   



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