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Gillie Sutherland
Consultant,Trainer, Writer
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 Consulting Services
1, Coles Court
High St
Topsham, 11 EX3 0BL
United Kingdom
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01392 661 583  Home
07957 591 722  Cell
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Gillie Sutherland
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I am an experienced Consultant and Trainer, specialising in sales, motivation and communications. I work with businesses and individuals who want to implement positive changes, and break through whatever may be holding them back.

I work analytically and strategically , using energy and inspiration to get clients operating at an optimum level, without any of the struggle that often comes with change.

My specialism is the psychology behind success and behavioural change, and I use a combination of training, consulting and coaching to attain maximum results, whether that be in terms of sales or at a more personal level.


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iKarma Rating: 100%
Susie Briscoe Rating Given: *****
"I have known and worked with Gillie for approximately 2 years and found her to be very professional and thorough in all her business dealings. I always looked forward to our sessions, and came away with a real buzz that I was now going to really get going and do what needed to be done.
Gillie is warm, inspiring, has the ability to lead, as well as being a great team player, and her trainings are always lively and fun.
Gillie is a good communicator, excellent at leading groups of people "   more...

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