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Lisa Cornelius
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c/o The Pilates Movement
2119 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
United States
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Lisa Cornelius has a background in Pilates through her career as a Professional Figure Skater. While on tour with 'Disney On Ice' she went through intense Classical Pilates training through Core Dynamics Pilates out of Santa Fe, NM and became the official tour Pilates Instructor in 2000. Upon retirement from the ice shows in 2005 she began building her business in Jupiter, Florida and has since moved to Denver, CO where she is currently doing business at The Pilates Movement at Larimer and 21st St near Coors Field. For more information on Lisa, her schedule, and pricing please visit www.pilates-perfection.com

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Deanna DAlfonso Rating Given: *****
"Deanna Dalfonso, Jupiter

Lisa Cornelius and I have been working together for about a year. Lisa's abundance of experience in the world of Pilates and figure skating truly shine when she is teaching clients. Her knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy along with her passion for movement and clear queing make Lisa's instruction become a true pilates learning experience for the client.

I have been practicing Pilates for around 10 years and have experienced many instructors. Lisa Cornelius "   more...

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Sarah Rating Given: *****
"I was looking for a pilates instructor and Lisa was referred to me by a health advisor. She is a great instructor and always encouraging! Lisa is amazing at remembering your weaknesses and offers many alternatives to make sure you still get the stretch and workout. I always leave feeling energized and strong! She in conveniently located is Palm Beach County. Ooo Ooo!!! Thanks Lisa!"   


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Tracey L. Rating Given: *****
"I have been working out for 20someodd years now. I have done workouts from skiing, kick-boxing, boxing, tai chi, dancing, fencing, running to being a 5 hours a day gym-rat all over the US--Never ever have I met a teacher with the knowledge, skills, spirit and heart of Lisa Cornelius. She was a professional skater who taught pilates to other professional skaters so her professionalism and knowledge of the human body is unbelievable--Her "cues" are right on and if for some reason it does not tra"   more...

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Heather R Rating Given: *****
"Lisa Cornelius is an amazing pilates instructor! I can't praise her enough. Her passion, dedication and energy make working out a pleasure instead of a chore. When I started pilates, I really had no idea what to expect. Now, I can't imagine life without it! Lisa has a way of explaining every exercise in perfect detail so you really "get" what you're doing and as a result, you get a great workout. My core feels stronger, I'm more flexible and toned and I feel great when I leave class. She "   more...

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Greg R Rating Given: *****
"I have never tried Pilates before working with Lisa. It was an amazing experience, I stretched and strengthened muscles I never knew how to get to. I have been training in martial arts all of my life and had tightness in my hips that I was never able to get past, after working with Lisa only a few times I have not had this problem again. If you are looking to get into Pilates as a newby or as a professional athlete I believe she is the best you can find.

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