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About 40 years old I'm living in northern Germany (next to Luebeck were the marzipan comes from) since my birth.

More than 15 years of business experience all over europe formed me as an consulting expert.

My slogan:
Ideas & solutions for you

My portfolio:
... in "the colourful part of my work" such as

--> creative marketing
--> recruitement of new customers
--> new media efficiently combined to standard marketingmix
--> any kind of advertising


... in "the figures, data, facts - means the hard part of my work"

--> analysis
--> businessplans
--> concepts
--> financial solutions/connections

Further more information about my portfolio at www.mcpaw.de/flash (english version available)

Nevertheless: I believe business is necessary but living mustn't be forgotten! Some results of one of my favorite hobbies - taking pictures - can be viewed here:


Enjoy your day!

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