Rosen Motors

Chris Petranech
Internet Sales Manager
Industry Category:
7000 Grand Ave
Gurnee, IL 60031
United States
Contact Information:
888-298-9050  Home
847-623-7673 x263  Work
608-335-6367  Cell
847-856-0267  Fax
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Rosen Honda
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Dan and Lisa Fei Rating Given: *****
"My husband and I visited Rosen, after a bad experience there a year ago with a new associate. Dealing with Chris was a much better experience. He was very friendly, professional, and knew his product well. Chris isn't your average pushy car saleman that you would think of, he was honest and to the point. Our experience with him and the dealership on purchasing our 2007 Honda Pilot was fast and easy. If you are looking for someone who cares for the customer and a dealership that will make thi"   more...



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