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Time2Track-Doctoral (formerly AXMpsych) was officially formed in May 2003 by Jason Anderson and Jonathan Denman under their parent company of JD3 Solutions L.L.C. However, the development of the Time2Track database and the vision for our company began in November of 2002. The premise of our database and our company was conceived out of our own experiences as doctoral-level psychology students. Looking back on our early graduate school experiences we saw many opportunities to add to the further growth of psychology. Upon entering graduate school we were told of the horrors of applying for internship and students spending weeks writing essays and searching for hours that they did not record or could not recall. After a few years in graduate school, we became convinced of the need for better tools in this area. Therefore, in 2002-2003, we set out to create those tools.

After months of planning and development we contracted with Web Teks to begin the development of the Time2Track-Doctoral database. With our understanding of psychology/behavioral sciences and their expertise in technology, we were able to develop a tool that was secure, efficient, and effective. We have now entered phase two of the operation. This phase will brings the new addition, Time2Track-Masters. This tool was developed out of the overwhelming need from terminal masters students (not pursuing Ph.D.) who did not need the rigors of the T2T-Doctoral database but still wanted a system to track their direct, indirect, and supervision hours. As of late 2005 into early 2006, we have answered that need with T2T-Masters.

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