Onyx Systems

John D. Gunther
Industry Category:
 Computer Equiptment
757 SW State Rd 247
Suite 108
Lake City, FL 32025
United States
Contact Information:
386-755-7772  Work
386-697-1207  Cell
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Mr. PC Rating Given: *
"John may know his stuff, but he tends to be dishonest towards his vendors. If he's dishonest toward his vendors, is he also dishonest torwards his customers? How many of his customers have a PC he sold them without an Operating System Certificate of Authenticity? I have see several. Apparently, Microsoft has as well as he has been on the receiving end of a Piracy lawsuit from Microsoft:
Microsoft Corp. v. Onyx Systems (Lake City, Florida), alleging distribution of counterfeit and/or infring"   more...

Tags: dishonest Software piracy Detail

iKarma Rating: N/R
Cindy Sink Rating Given: *****
"In today's market, it's all about the attention & product performance. John has been extremely instrumental in maintaining the connectivity & continued security of my personal pc. He is devoted to his customers & is very knowledgeable with his diagnostics & repairs.

I would highly recommend him for any current or future need's that could arise. He allocates his time not only to us the personal users but also to larger companies within the surrounding areas. He appears to be extremely d"   more...

Tags: Large Construction Company & personal usage Detail

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Katie Rooney Rating Given: *****
"John has helped me with my computer needs for ten years and I couldn't have had better service from a more honest person!"   

Tags: non-profit Detail

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Victoria Rating Given: *****
"The absolute best quality of work I have ever seen from a computer shop! All the employees are top-notch, professional, and know both the tech-side and the industry-side of the computer world better than anyone around. They tell you the costs (if there even is a cost) of any repairs before they make any changes to your machine, and are always willing to walk you step-by-step through what was wrong and what they did to fix it. The prices are great, and quite often they won't even charge for quic"   more...

Tags: service Repair Custom Computer sales Detail

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