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We are working to build the Recovery Road from self-destruction to self-control and community self-government from my stated home position of stay-at-home-dad-grand-dad-citizen-voter-taxpayer, out of one of the richest city in the world; Edmonton, Canada.
We build this Recovery Road by following a personal and communal discipline which is well known but little practiced in the Western world. We are looking for the support to research and to develop the first community centre grown from the alliance of Restorative Justice and Community Self-Government, amongst and between the people who come from the both sides of the doctor-patient equation. The patinents need the doctors with staff and the doctors and staff need the patients. The community centre we seek to grow is where the doctors and staff get to volunteer as the patients who need to learn and where the patients settle in the healing where they exercise the compassion feedback needed by the doctors and staff, which they receive from the doctors and staff during their own personal healing.
The means to proceed in building the Recivery Road come from translating the resources that go into the war on drugs and into the victory over stress and the compulsive human nature.

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