Julie Gustafson

Joint Dynamics Chiropractic
Pilates Instructor and Coach
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 General Sports Services
2001 Barrington Ave
at La Grange
West LA, CA 90405
United States
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Julie was first introduced to Pilates during her training as a trapeze artist in Los Angeles, where she also worked for 20th Century Fox Animation. Julie spent her college years as a Figure Skating Instructor and has a minor in Dance from the University of Washington. Julie enjoys teaching Pilates for fitness, injury prevention and pain relief. She retired from the entertainment industry in 2005 to pursue teaching Pilates full time.

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Libby Rating Given: *****
"Julie helped me reach my personal goal body shape and image! Without Julie's help I could not have achieved my dream of winning the title Miss 2007 California!! Also winning the highest swimsuit score!!
Julie has helped me work through my plateau of fitness and reach new levels of strength and tone!! Her encouraging but firm approach is just what works when you want results!! Thanks Jules for being the best pilates pro there is!! "   


iKarma Rating: N/R
Rachel Rating Given: *****
"I have learned so much from Julie in her Pilates classes. I came to her with really bad back pain and over the last 6 months, it has subsided significantly.
She is very patient with me and makes it really fun."   



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