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Los Angeles, CA 90028
United States
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Robert Lieblein is multimedia design artist with a background ranging from Film to Music. Robert was born in Miami, Florida where he started his career as a musician in the alternative rock band "Question Reality". However, his love of visual arts made him exchange his guitar for a film camera. He attended the University of Central Florida and earned a Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Technology. He then directed a film pilot for Idlewild Productions entitled "Loop". "Loop" was pitched as a series for MTV. In 1994, Robert moved to New York City to pursue his interests in filmmaking,where he worked on a wide variety of creative projects. Then he secured a position in the Post Production department at Sony Music Studios. It was there that he discovered a joy and talent for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). In 1996, Robert travelled abroad and lived in Tokyo, Paris, London and Madrid. There he was writing and shooting images for a documentary film. While living in Tokyo he was influenced by computer technology. Initially, Robert studied Visual Basic Programming, but soon discovered Flash design as a way to integrate his creativity, film background and computer knowledge. Since 1997, he has been creating animated websites for many companies and artists. Robert's passion for artistic measures and knowledge of production value allow him to bring a wide range of ideas, design and creativity to any project. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he continues to pursue his artistic visions and passion.

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About: Paul Williams Rating Given: *****
"Paul Williams is a visionary, always on the cutting-edge of thought. Working with him is always inspiring to my creativity, because Paul is always giving me a challenge. I’ll just get an e-mail out of the blue, “Hey Rob, can you do this.” and then my mind starts generating ideas. He’ll show me a magazine, Wired from 1999, page 34, “look how they conceptualized this.” He has a way about him, an incredible demeanor, a sweetness mixed with busy savvy, which is"   more...



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