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Lisa Pierson
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Christchurch, 12 BH23
United Kingdom
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Lisa Pierson founded the business in 2005, originating from a Sales & Marketing background, being involved with many business start ups, having a passion for developing people, she decided to incorporate the key areas of experience, understanding, compassion and motivation to assist others.

What is it?

An efficient, authentic business delivering a variety of Personal Development services to individuals and corporate organisations.


The services provide support and encouragement to enable you or your business to thrive and develop.

Why? What are the benefits?

“unblock and unlock” the potential which lies within you and your organisation.


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"In the past year I have made some major changes in my life and I met Lisa whilst attending a Business Link Business Start Up programme. She has been very supportive and encouraging as I have taken on this challenge.
I currently attend her networking sessions which are always fun and motivating. I have found Lisa to be professional, down to earth and positive in her outlook - qualities that rub off on those around her. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others."   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I have worked with Lisa from a business perspective and have found her to be totally focussed on providing solutions that meet both the needs of the organisation and individuals within it. She is enthusiastic, positive and certainly knows her stuff and is able to put you in a positive frame of mind that enables you to focus on moving things forward."   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"Lisa is a professional, qualified and experienced coach. I had some great sessions with Lisa in which she helped me to make decisions, solve issues, develop action plans. She walks the talk by achieving goals she sets herself and coaching others to do the same. She is enthusiastic about coaching and its benefits and rightly so, with the results she achieves. Highly recommended."   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"The thing that strikes me most about Lisa's coaching is her belief in what she practices and the benefits that this can deliver for her clients. My personal experience is that you don't necessarily have to be going through a difficult time, or at a crossroads etc... but rather that wherever your circumstance, professional or personal then this can be enhanced further by a good coach. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone considering using the services of a personal coach or to faci"   more...

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Michele Rating Given: *****
"Lisa is an energetic, go-getter, warm, kind-hearted, full of life and enthusiasm. Above all she has that rare ability to actually "listen", she gives advice without every presuming to tell you what to do. As a working mother, she understands both sides of a busy womens life only to well. She makes you feel like you also want to 'go out there and do something positive'. Her lovely children are a credit to her ability to balance both. "   


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