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Joel Reda
Certified Billiard Mechanic/Owner
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 Service Industry
San Jose, CA 95124
United States
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Reliable, Reputable, and Skilled, professional quality FULL service company of ALL Billiard Tables, Carom, Snooker, Antique and Single Piece Slate POOL TABLES. BRUNSWICK Factory Trained & CERTIFIED, PROFESSIONAL Billiard Mechanic with 18 years experience & over 10,000 table assembles, Century Billiards is the "BEST" Pool Table Service Company in Northern California. LICENSED & INSURED for Commercial & Residential service.

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Erin Rating Given: *****
"Fantastic service. I had a table moved within the week. Joel is really friendly and easily explained the table (I bought off craigslist) to me. He was able to move the table faster than I expected and I really appreciated the service.
Thanks Joel!!!"   


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Chris Prugh Rating Given: *****
"Outstanding ! Joel goes the extra step...care and pride in his work shows throughout. Prompt timing, care and planning resulted in an excellent installation despite correcting errors the original installers made. All told just over 2.5 hours to tear down and rebuild/level (not including travel time)

I would wholeheartedly recommend Joel and Century Billiards to anyone contemplating a move or restoration of any table to any location.

Thanks again for an excellent job Joel

Chris "   


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steve Rating Given: *****
"I bought an antique pool table and hadn't really planned out how to get it moved to my house. Joel (who I randomly found on the internet after buying the table) agreed to meet me at the place that I bought it. When I got there five minutes early, he was already there working and had almost completed the task of taking the table apart. he carefgully wrapped up the pieces and drove them to my house where he reassembled it perfectly. The three points that I would like to say about this is that "   more...


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jeff Rating Given: *****
"Outstanding! Joel and his helper, Carl, were efficient, friendly, and extremely professional. I had purchased an Olhausen pool table in San Jose and had it moved to the central valley. He was timely and definitely a perfectionist in setting up the table. The cost was very reasonable and I would definitely use him again!"   


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Hamid Rating Given: *****
"I needed to have my 9’ Olhausen pool table relocated from Tracey to Newark CA. I contacted Joel from Centaury Billiard Service and he was able to make the move happen that day! Great service, great job and I would definitely contact Joel for any future services. "   

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