Vincent Vermeulen

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
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Apia, 11 
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Experienced Civil Servant.
Extensive experience in Public Financial Management and implementation of financial reforms.
Experience in preparing and delivering University level lectures and work related training workshops.

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"Sound public financial management knowledge particularly in treasury, revenue, tax and cash management functions. Good policy development skills as well as the ability to work at both the strategic and operational levels. Sound analytical skills. Experienced in working with international organisations, high level government bodies and private sector Boards of Management. Has a professional approach to all tasks and dedication to produce high quality results. Excellent interpersonal skills and "   more...

Tags: revenue treasury taxation cash management policy development Detail

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""Very professional and excellent to work with. Honest and trustworthy, with an abundance of knowledge in the areas of govenment finance and dealing with Central Banks.""   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: ****
"Found in business dealings to be completely honest and trustworthy. Work was of a high standard and always up-to-date and complete."   



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