J Aaron Anderson
Brand Manager & Creative Director
Industry Category:
 Executive and Management
Clayton, NJ 08312
United States
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T A R G E T E D J O B / D E S I R E D R O L E

• Account Executive, Sr. - Advertising
• Creative Brand & Product Marketing Manager
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programmer III
• Media – Print & Broadcast
• Marketing Solutions Specialist
• Top Division Research & Development Executive
• Product / Brand Manager
• IT – Executive, Consulting
• Art Director / Creative Director
• Artist / Graphic Design Specialist, Sr.
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Multimedia Services Manager

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Nena Rajcevic-Nasis Rating Given: *****
"Aaron is a true collaborator and dynamic Team Leader. I have worked on multiplpe application solutions with him and look forward to doing a lot more projects with him."   


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Melissa Rating Given: *****
"Aaron really goes out of his way to help others with software. Thanks Aaron!"   


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Christina Rating Given: *****
"Thanks for all the help. It was great dealing with someone who can help brainstrorm and work out problems."   


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Gerdardo Mendez Rating Given: *****
"My Business Network fell victim to a virus attack and to adware performance saturation. Dell Support refused to assist me and McaFee and Norton definitions didnt recognize the viruses to fix anything. I called Aaron and he immediately dropped everything and rearranged his schedule to come in and rescue my Business in 35 mins! Aaron is my Geek Squad hero !"   


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Lourdes Velazquez Rating Given: *****
"Thank you Jeremy for fixing my laptop. It loads up quicker and the internet is running great. I also played around with the new software you installed and I really enjoy it. I'm happy that it does not occupy that much space. I have also taken your advice about the external hardware for my labtop. Gracias!"   


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