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My drive to be a lifelong learner, my passion to help others, and my belief that if I help others get what they want, I will get what I want, have led me to remain active in internet marketing and help people in their self development. I rarely set goals, for to me, that means the end of striving or an arrival point. I set objectives and usually achieve them.

I was in business 18 years with my first love before his illness and death. I was in the field of education for just over 33 years. I have earned several formal education degrees, including Ph.D. in Philosophy, Psychology, and Education.

In service to others, I was the President of a very large P.T.A., Worthy Matron in Order of the Eastern Star, Girl Scout leader for 6 years, On the advisory board for Rainbow for Girls, Secretary for the Texas State Teachers' Association, held several secular and civic posts,and Freedom, Conference, and Summit Advisor with Liberty League International.

My children are now adults, my grandchildren are now adults, and I have five beautiful great-grandchildren. I have been married over 30 years to my Second Love.

I have found integrity and strength in the Veretekk Marketing System, and have become a Validated veretekk Trainer.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Pauqel Mason Rating Given: *****
"I've only known Dr. Gwen a short time, but she leaves an indelible impression on anyone who meets her. She is a gentle soul with a remarkable gift for writing, and a wonderful teaching style. Her generosity is inspiring, her gift of wordsmith both entertaining and admirable. She leads with charm, sharp wisdom, and a sweetness that wraps you in a safe blanket for learning. I am grateful to know her and look forward to many years of association and friendship. Her Write to Win course within the Ve"   more...


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Carefree Success Rating Given: *****
"Dr. Gwen is a blessing to us all! She has the patience and grace that I aspire to have in my life. With quiet fortitude, she will embrace you and help you along your way. It's a pleasure to know and study writing under you , Dr. Gwen and I look forward to our friendship. We as Networkers, are helping each other to succeed, and when you think you can't, Dr. Gwen, will show you why you can. "   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Weir Rating Given: *****
"I have known Dr Gwen for close to a year now, and I continue to be inspired and motivated by her. She gives so freely of herself for the betterment of others. Her teaching style is warm and supportive. Dr Gwen teaches a class entitled "Writing to Win" in the Veretekk training system, and it is fast becoming a sought after class. Students of Dr Gwen's classes often arrive with a fear of writing and leave inspired to write. She is absolutely oustanding and I highly recommend that all writers "   more...


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