Candice Hampton
Accounting Associate
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 Administrative Support and Clerical
226 1/2 Highland Dr.
Bakersfield, CA 93308
United States
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661-378-1029  Cell
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As you can see I used to network and market on the internet with a wonderful group now called the Crazyfoxes Marketing Group. If you want to learn marketing and much much more check them out they are great.
Then I went to college and now have a new career path I am pursing. My degree was for Associates of science in Accounting with an GPA of 3.42.

Candice Hampton here from the Central Coast of California in Santa Maria. I know Network Marketing can be a challenge. There are several different methods to marketing or promoting a Internet Home-Based Business. It really depends on who you talk to, but on the most part the concept is the same. A lot depends on you and what areas you develope yourself and mindset. In my opinion, developing yourself is the key ingredient to success in Internet marketing, and in life in general. "The Master Key" system by Charles Haanel, and “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, both written in the early 1900’s, are the best sources of training for mindset development. Val Smyth, creator of "Mentors In Motion" and "MIM Online Magazine", and now The Properity Cast Network has been teaching The Master Key system which was the concept for greating the Secret Movie for years.
Get a free copy of "The Science of Getting Rich" here!

If you have a challenage wtih finding the right home-based business to start with, you can always call on my Mentor in Motion Team. The Mentors in Motion Team will match you with a home business that fits YOU. You just fill out a short survey form and one of our internet marketing mentors will contact you to get a profile of your needs a desires. Then we take you by the hand and show you the craft of building a home-based business. There is no risk, and information is always free!


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iKarma Rating: 100%
Steve Ward Rating Given: *****
"I met Candice through the CrazyFoxes Marketing Group and am pleased to provide a review for her. She is both a talented marketer and upbeat team player within our group, truly a pleasure to be acquainted and work with.

Candice is someone I recommend as someone to do business with!"   

Tags: internet marketing mlm direct marketing Veretekk Candice Hampton internet marketing training Steve Ward CrazyFoxes Marketing Group internet SEO training Veretekk 2.0 Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
RH Sterling Rating Given: *****
"I met Candice Hampton during a web cpnference that she was holding for the Xooma and Prosperity Cast Network teams. Candice is well versed in what she teaches and has a genuine concern for her students. After the meeting I was able to spend a few minutes with Candice and found her to be open to questions and candid in her answers.

If you choose to do business with Candice, I am certain that you will find her to be a person who is honest and high standards.


Tags: TriVita Robert Sterling RHSterling MLM. Xooma ProsperityCastNetwork ProsperityCast TV Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Crazy Foxes Marketing Group Rating Given: *****
"I met Candice Hampton when I joined the Mentors in Motion Xooma Team where she is a trainer and a leader. In the short time that I have worked with her I have learned many good marketing tips and ideas. She has been especially helpful in working with iKarma, teaching our whole team some great techniques on how exactly to build on our reputations through iKarma. I am looking forward to working with Candice in the future."   

Tags: networking internet marketing xooma Candice Hampton Mentors in Motion xtreme x2o Brenda Franzo Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
The Network Rating Given: *****
"I haven't met Candice, but I have read some of what she has posted and it would be my pleasure to get to know her better.
S (Rio) Guzman "   

Tags: the network veretekk network Candice Hampton. writer. Rio Guzman Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
A Better Life Coach Rating Given: *****
"When you are in the dark, it's always helpful when someone comes along with a light. When you are lost, it means an awful lot when someone comes along with a map. When you are frustrated and having difficulty making things work, it's nice when someone with a cool head is there to provide answers and lend a helping hand. And it means so much more when that person is someone really special. Candice is one of those people. Although I have known her for only a short period of time, it seems as"   more...

Tags: internet marketing money values family Opportunity lcsw changes home business Candice Hampton xooma worldwide Extreme X2o Lee M. Parent Crisis Katrina Retirement Income Professional Ethics Enable financial security Mentors In Motion Ange Detail

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