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Meet Jeff Nash…

Jeff Nash's Dedication

Jeff Nash is a firm believer in the power of teamwork, and he is just the kind of person that you want on your team. Everyone who knows Jeff will tell you that he has the tenacity of a bulldog and once he starts a project he sees it through to its ultimate completion. This talent, along with his total dedication to honesty and integrity, make him a man you want include on your team.

Who is Jeff Nash

Long ago Jeff discovered that he enjoyed people; being with and learning from people. At an early age Jeff found that he had a real talent for sales work. His first sales job was when he was eight years old. He sold greeting cards to earn his first Bible. As he grew older he kept himself in Wilson baseball gloves and Daisy air rifles by selling White Cloverine brand salve to his neighbors. This was no easy task because Jeff was raised on a small farm in northern Michigan and the neighbors lived a long way apart. By the age of 18 he was working as a “tin man” and at 19 he was selling MGs, Austin Healeys and Jaguars for a foreign car dealership.


After graduating from college Jeff founded a printing business. The choice of a printing business was ideal for him because it is an intensely people oriented business. In printing you establish long-term relationships with many of your customers. With his people skills and dedication to team work, he is ideally suited for this job. Jeff Nash’s customers depend upon him to work with them on a continual basis to solve their printing needs.

Jeff has been operating his printing business continually for over 45 years. During these years Jeff has also been involved in many civic organizations and projects. He spent 14 years as an event director for the National Cherry Festival. Jeff is deeply involved in his church’s organization and has spent many years mentoring young people.

Jeff's New Passion

Not long ago Jeff decided that he would expand his business interests into internet marketing on the World Wide Web. To the uninitiated the Internet seems like a simple place to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that approximately 95% of internet marketers are not making any money. The Internet is a very competitive place where were the rules of operation and the marketplace are changing on a daily basis. You are competing against marketers all over the planet. On becoming involved in the Internet Jeff found that it was immediately necessary to gain a good education. Fortunately he was able to join a great group of mentors who have given him a very good basic Internet education. There is a wondrous world out there dealing with such things as networking, search engine optimization (SEO), leads, classified ads, blogs, RSS feeds, websites and on and on. They say on the web that, “the more you learn the more you earn.” This is a true statement. Without good teachers a new internet marketer may have a very difficult time. Jeff says, let your own honesty and integrity be your guide. Find a good team to mentor you and you will have an excellent chance of succeeding.

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