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A UMass-Amherst graduate. A celebrated career as a professional trapeze-artist. The recognized-leader in North America for flying-trapeze programs. Ten years (and counting) of specialized private-training in the art of replicating ongoingly self-generative transformation. Synergize those credentials, and you’ll begin to perceive why the experiences his clients have – from their utilizing his flying trapeze as an experience-based “transformation-tool” -- result in his clients finding themselves facing their personal and professional challenges with self-propelled motivation, empowered-abilities, and a genuine “can-do”-attitude! No wonder his clients call him, “The People Whisperer”.


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"As a kid growing up in Venice Florida I often wondered what it would be like to swing on the flying trapeze. Venice was the winter headquarters for the Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus, and the famous trapeze family “The Flying Gaonas” actually lived on my street. Unfortunately for me, the trapeze in the Gaonas backyard wasn’t something their insurance company wanted neighborhood kids swinging on. So my curiosity went unfulfilled. That is until a few weekends ago. My wife, who al"   more...

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