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I've been involved with the holistic health movement for many years and the work at home and internet business movement for half as many. (smile) I focus on things that are workable for others, both in health and business.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Tom Munson Rating Given: *****
"I have come to know Cheryl through my veretekk trainings in which she has been involved in learning the system and all of its components. People like Cheryl really get me fired up simply because of their desire to learn internet marketing and use its full potential. Thats why I know that Cheryl will be a success in all her internet endeavors. Cheryl has the kind of commitment that it takes to bring huge success to herself. I also have the distinct feeling that Cheryl will become a mentor for oth"   more...

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Weir Rating Given: *****
"I have had the pleasure of Cheryl Jone's attendance and active participation in Veretekk internt marketing training classes. She is a very intelligent woman always asking very pertinent questions that have helped me grow and learn, as well others in the training room. Cheryl has a very positive disposition and a strong work ethic. She is dependable, reliable and someone I would definately choose to do business with.

Karen Weir"   

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