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Hi and thanks for taking a few moments to read a bit more about me.
This has got to be the Greatest Business in the World!
I live in a very small town in Michigan but I have the
Whole Wide World at my finger tips.
I can't wait to get up everyday and start working my Business.
How many people can say that?

I am an affiliate marketer and I also help local business owners create
an internet presence using Facebook.

What can I help you with?

Cindy Bolley
Skype ID abeque


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iKarma Rating: 100%
Redesigning Women Rating Given: *****
"I met Cindy Bolley through the $200 Per Day Blueprint forum and was so impressed with her that I attended several of her Veretekk training sessions, which were excellent.

Cindy is always willing to take the time, no matter what she has going on personally, to help you with any problem or question that you may have. She has so much experience and expertise in building a successful online business and she loves to share that information.

She's honest and caring and a great "virtual" friend."   more...

Tags: make money from home Cindy Bolley Susan Kimbrell ASD Cash Generator Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
HomeBizHaven Rating Given: *****
"I met Cindy Bolley through Veretekk and in the short while I have known her, I have found Cindy to be a well respected business professional and trainer.

No matter how busy she is Cindy, is eager to help other marketers get on the right path quickly and correctly. Cindy is well versed in the topics, techniques and processes of successful marketing and her ethics and integrity are unquestionable.

I leave Cindy's classes armed with knowledge and resources that I can utilize almost immediat"   more...

Tags: marketing social networking home business Veretekk Cindy Bolley Fionnuala Fox Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
David Duncan Rating Given: *****
"I met Cindy Bolley in an online training webinar with Veretekk. I’ve been able to learn quite a bit from her advanced classes on internet marketing. Social networking has also been one of those arenas I was hesitant to climb into and with her expertise in this area; Cindy was able to help me see the value and climb onto this playing field.

Because of her professionalism and willingness to serve others I joined a Master Mind group of people she helps moderate that are just as willing to share "   more...

Tags: social networking webinar Veretekk Cindy Bolley online training Profit From A Home Based Business David Duncan 800-414-2864 EDC Diamond Wowzza Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Communicate New Age Rating Given: *****
"I met Cindy Bolley through her Veretekk training sessions. She is an excellent trainer. Even though she is busy with a number of online training sessions, and a number of successful online businesses, she is more than willing to take the time to mentor YOU on how to make your online business better!

I was not introduced to Veretekk by Cindy, but that does not stop her from offering me advice and training on how to take full advantage and access of the fabulous tools Veretekk has to offer.
"   more...

Tags: communications VoIP online business Cindy Bolley consulting services Mike Wilson Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
3/31/2008 Rating Given: *****
"Cindy is awesome ;-)... she's as open, bright and enthusiastic as she
looks in her photo.

We met in her Veretekk training class and continued our relationship
in the skype chat room that we participate in.

Cindy is always quick to offer her assistance to anyone who needs it.

I'm delighted to know Cindy and will look forward to a long and rewarding
relationship. I'd greatly enjoy doing business with Cindy anytime."   

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