Randolph Wells
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Loganville, GA 300532
United States
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Randolph Wells has been in the Electronics and Information Technology fields for the past 35+ years. He has been a Independent Consultant in the IT arena for the past 10 years. Most of his work has been in IT Systems consulting, IT Project Management, and IT Training and Certification consulting. Mr. Wells has served in upper level management positions with companies like Multi-User Solutions, Computone, and Symbiat, Inc. He has done IT Training consultations with Technology Center Inc. and the Workforce Investment Act offices in the Greater Metro Atlanta, Ga., area.

MCP, MCSA, Project+, Network+, A+ Certifications
Retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and Viet Nam Era Veteran.

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Henry Ful, MBA PMP Rating Given: *****
"I have had the priviledge of working with Randy and and his company ITMServernet, LLC. I found him very professional, honest and visionary. I would recommed him anytime."   



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