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Kathy Poplawski
Workshop Coordinator/ Trainer
Industry Category:
 Consulting Services
San Antonio, TX 78229
United States
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210-775-2575  Home
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Good Day,
My favorite pastime is interpersonal Coaching/Mentoring, where I work with people to take whatever it is they LOVE to do and together we'll develop the business or career of their dreams.
I am also a hosting provider, Ebay trading Assistant, workshop coordinator. I conduct individual and group trainings online in my web conference room and offline. And of course, I rent conference rooms by day, event or on a monthly basis.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to write a review for Kathy Poplawski.
I know Kathy through our mutual association with Veretekk
Marketing. We are also in a Public Chat together that is
designed for internet marketers to all work together, sharing
idea and helping each other.

It is great working with Kathy, she is always willing to offer help
and guidance to those who need it.

I would not hesitate entering into a JV with Kathy Poplawski.

Cindy Bolley "   

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