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1700 N Rose Ave, Suite 440
Oxnard, CA 93030
United States
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Welcome to my iKarma profile and thank you for taking some of your valuable time to get to know more about me.

I was born in, grew up, temporarily left to attend school but returned to live in beautiful Ventura County in Southern California. This area is famous for the strawberries that are grown here. My hometown has changed quite a bit over the past fifty years, but the strawberries are still the best! The time I spent away from home was spent in college and then further studies at Loma Linda University Medical School. I was privileged to have been included in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society for my class. However, the greatest honor that I received during "med school" was the privilege of marrying the love of my life, Cheryl. We have been classmates ever since first grade, but it took 18 years to convince her that I was the right one. We have two wonderful sons who are still in school and deciding their own futures.

After medical school came five years of residency or specialized training in general surgery. I spent another year in even more specialized training in peripheral vascular surgery. After this trial by fire, I returned home and joined my father-in-law in private practice.

Our successful surgical practice has changed and improved through the years to provide the most up to date, advanced procedures available for our community hospital, while also offering truly patient-centered care. We have achieved a 98% highly satisfied rating given by our patients in a recent survey.

As the years have gone by, I have been reflecting more about what in life is truly important. We all want to attain some degree of significance in our lives. I believe that I have achieved most of the career goals that I had set for myself, but wondered if the cost was too high in terms of the sacrifices in time, personal health and relationships. Also, despite the health insurance companies raising the premiums, we have been faced with an annual drop in our salaries. I didn't want the practice to turn into a "patient mill". Spending time with each of them is an important part of our service. Instead, I was having to work more hours to try and maintain the same level of income. This only separated me even more from my family and started affecting my health.

I had to change things in my life. I was starting to become frustrated towards a profession that I love. I looked around for something different and internet marketing looked like an opportunity I could do in whatever spare time I was able to find and at any time of the day or night as our schedules are never predictable.

I believe that I was guided to a team of expert internet marketers led by Jim Gras, Tom Munson, Karen Weir and many others, who graciously took me under their wings and have been so generous with their time and knowledge. They have shortened the learning curve tremendously. It has been a fun challenge, but also a wonderful, never-ending educational process in this new adventure.

Summon the courage and talent within you! If I can do it, you can too! You have the ability to change your life as I am doing with mine! Take those first steps to the life that you envision. Ask and you shall receive!

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Daniel W. Parnell Rating Given: *****
" I've been a patient of Dr. Lowe's for about five years for several medical glitchs and I must say , he has no equal. Not only is he a brilliant Doctor, I honestly count him as one of my dearest friends. He always has listened to and responded to my medical needs and I will always trust his recommendations where my health is concerned."   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Accountemps Rating Given: *****
"Dr. Isaac has been a great asset to our MIM Amigo Health team with his knowledge about health issues.
He is always posting in our forum about different subjects, or will answer questions if asked by our team members. We have several herbalists on our team and he is genuinely interested in what they have to say about alternative medicine. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and his great sense of humor.

Candice Hampton"   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Weir Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure and good fortune to be a business associate of Dr Isaac Lowe. Over the course of getting to know and work with Dr. Lowe, he has also become a dear friend. Always eager to help and share his expertise, Isaac is an absolutely brilliant and very humble man. He is creative and intuitive and has an excellent sense of humor. I am honored to call him my friend.

Karen Weir
Mentors In Motion Marketing Team Leader"   

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Jeff Campbell Rating Given: *****
"I have had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Lowe for consultation and surgery to remove an ailing Gall Bladder. From our first consultation, he was exceptionally personable and conveyed the genuine concern we all seek and hope for when the stakes are high and we entrust our health to others.
From day one, he put me at ease, treated and answered my many questions with due regard and diligence.
When my Gall Bladder decided to inflame without my permission or on our schedule, Dr. Lowe w"   more...


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johnny senn Rating Given: *****
"DR. Isaac Lowe, What can you say about a doctor you have never met? I can say a lot, he is an amazing person, do not know his background, but I think he came from a humble family, a caring and loving family. Isaac is one of a kind, I am older ,a little, but I feel he has adopted me, He never wavers, he says somthing, thats as good as gold. This man is a proffessional, operating on his patients every day, I know he loves his patients because he loves me as a friend . Never question this man, what"   more...


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