David Hur

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 Graphic Arts
Scottsdale, AZ 
United States
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888.990.8636  Work
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Daru Enterprises
Fortuitel LLC
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Powerful, positive, and practical is how David Hur, is frequently described. He equips business people with practical tools that enable their organization to succeed. His business roots and his personal experiences have taught him well about the online marketplace. David has a practical and innovative approach to Internet marketing that is based on the experience of over 100 online entrepreneurs he has interviewed. He is a student of Veretekk Market Center training through Vereconfrence. He is now living his dreams and aspirations by providing solutions to complex challenges and helping people reach their marketing goals.


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iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Weir Rating Given: *****
"As an internet marketing trainer, I see the success statistics as being in direct correlation with following through with the instructions given. Sadly, it is a small percentage of people that actually take the necessary action. David Hur is among that small group. David attended a class and immediately set forth to apply what he had learned. Although I do not know him personally, it is abundantly evident that David is a person who makes it his business to get things done. He is definately "   more...

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