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Hello & Welcome, my name is Patricia A. Hoffman. I was born in Chicago Illinois & would be there now living on the North Side if it were not so cold. I had a verity of jobs during my life including waitress, cab driver in Chicago, office worker and finally as a bill collector and skip tracer for a Chicago bank in their Credit Card department. I lived in Illinois until I retired & started moving around the country. I spent two years in New Port Richey, Florida & loved it. Spent a few days in Houston, Texas & then when on to visit with my grand-son for a year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana & hope to return to Louisiana one day. I currently use Mountain Home Arkansas as my home base, which is where my daughter, her husband, my granddaughter & great grand-son live. I moved to Hamptonville, NC to joint venture with an associate. I plan to stay through 2007.

I am a trainer with Veretekk (Marketing At The Speed Of Thought) plus I also handle the member support. The trainers with Veretekk are all members that offer there time & experience on a volunteer basis. All training is Live & Interactive in our web based VereConference rooms. I created a web based Basic Training Guide for the members of Veretekk & now will be offering additional training on TalkShoe

That being said, I must say that the guide & the TalkShoe trainings are not meant to replace the Live Interactive Trainings offered by Veretekk. The guide & the TalkShoe trainings are meant as an additional training resource. I will also have guest speakers from time to time offering additional information that many not be currently offered in the Veretekk Live Trainings. The link to the TalkShoe recordings will be added to the Basic Training Guide for the members of Veretekk and anyone else that has bookmarked the guide as a resource they are using.

As to my Internet experience, I Work from Home and I personally feel that anyone can do the same. I have gone through a bunch of learning coming from a background of various jobs ranging from waitress to bill collector for a credit card company as I mentioned. It is a leap moving from exchanging your time for dollars to working for yourself and your future. But it is a leap I have never regretted making. I was fortunate to find Veretekk when I did. The training and support is the best I have come across on the Internet. When I want to learn something I go at it from the point of view of a teacher and that is what I did with Veretekk and now, as I mentioned, I am a trainer with Veretekk and all the trainers are a great bunch of folks that are always willing to help the Veretekk members.

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"I attended just one of Patricia’s Veretekk training sessions and knew she was the gal for me!

I wanted someone to take on all the Veretekk aspects of my business. Someone I could trust, respect and depend on. And those are qualities sadly lacking in life, never mind on the internet where they’re even rarer.

Patricia has them all.

Sadly I didn’t get the chance to work long with her because she had other commitments. But if you do get the opportunity, grab it I say.

Caramia Hartley
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