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Marc Spritzer
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 Media Broadcast
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States
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910.805.1269  Work
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I'm a come-back kid in pursuit of a body of work that seeks a diligent, dedicated, and honest work ethic that puts customers on pedastals! Providing clients with the same quality big city productions at a fraction of the cost! A highly driven and motivated perfectionist in nearly every capacity of broadcasting!

I'm a demon for details, with a dog's ear for fine-tuning the essentials. I was born with a work-ethic that makes men weep. Listen to the demos at my site or ask for a demo on your project! In house studio production, voice sent via cd or email.

A professionally, highly motivated creative, and skilled producer featuring Voice-Over, Sound Production, for any venture your company seeks. Phone services, commercials, script narrations - YOU NAME IT!

FREE-Lance Voice Talent (Independent Production) (NON-UNION) /Music/Audio/Voice Over/Sound Production Audio and Video digital production. Offering variety in characters, straight talk, news, commercial, station imaging. Spot samples produced and delivered within 24 hours, via email, download, or cd. Great Voice, great characters, fast delivery, a highly creative and skilled producer featuring Voice-Over, Sound Production,for any venture your company seeks.
Need an outside voice in your small market tv or radio ads? Negotiable and competitive alternative. Want a major market voice with a minor market price? Fax the script, the spot is cut, Mp3, and invoice. Done.

Production Houses...Need outside production for your production? Add Marc to your list of voices!

Need a voice for your on-hold messaging? Let's Talk!

Need a website voice? Let's Talk

Fax Call or Email!



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iKarma Rating: 100%
David Hur Rating Given: *****
"Marc really knows what he's doing. I have known Marc for several years and worked with him on many different occasions. Everything he touches seemingly turns to gold. Marc really is a notch above the rest."   


iKarma Rating: N/R
R Stein Rating Given: *****
"Your attitude is just what I'm looking for! Seems like you are the guy to go to for growing my business. My personal goal is to retire at 45, I think you would be a great asset to my current direct marketing campaign. Thanks!!!"   



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