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Dee Hudson
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6 Watchmans Terrace
chatham, 24 ME57TS
United Kingdom
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My life is taken up with looking after my two boys aged 19 & 14. I run my online business. Please take a look at my forum to see the variety of businesses that I am involved in. I am an Active Trainer in Veretekk, also Master Distributor of Vereconference, I have an online Shopping Cart at BBS GLOBAL. This is a relative new company but it will soon out do EBay. Watch this Space.... I also have a selection of lead building and business tool affiliate sites that I promote. I am a Soft furnish er and Design consultant, This involves making anything from fabric you care to imagine. My Dream is to be a fibre Artist, With that in mind ..... I started a course at University last year studying Applied & Decorative Arts. SKYPE: deehudson Yahoo: deehomepage Quickonnex: deesincomebuilder

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iKarma Rating: 100%
HomeBizHaven Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to know Dee through Veretekk where I attended her excellent training sessions. Subsequently we are both members of Ubiee supporting our Mother Earth.
Dee is an exempler trainer willing to share her knowledge and expertise to fellow online colleagues. I am extremely grateful for her training sessions and support. I am honoured to know Dee and to be able to support her by writing this review. "   

Tags: consulting training environment Veretekk ubiee Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Janet Matthews Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to have known Dee for almost a year now. We first met in Veretekk when I attended one of Dees excellent training sessions. Subsequently we have worked together in BBS Global and also in Ubiee.
Dee has the ability to learn the art of internet marketing very quickly and efficiently and she has been prepared to share this knowledge and expertise with me for hours at a time. I am extremely grateful for her patience and understanding and for always being available to help at very "   more...

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