Harold Coram
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532 State Hwy K
Hayti, MO 63851
United States
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My name is Harold Coram, I am a retired USAF military man. Starting in 1975 my wife Shirley, and I entered the network marketing field full-time.

We have never looked backed.....and today, many call us one of the 5 percenters in network marketing.

We have been associated with several well known companies, such as Kaire Intl, Life Force Intl, Global Health Trax, and GBG is our newest addition......with their amazing product "MA Plus"

We also provided training and support to all......and have devised a HomeBIZQuiz, to help those interested in networking to see if they have a reasonable chance of success.

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"Harold has been a long-time friend to me with the AdlandPro Community and has always given me sound advice on numerous issues. I respect Harold for his professional attitude and dealings with others. Good Luck with all you do, Harold.

Thanks and Peace,
Leon Horton"   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Emu Oil Naturally Rating Given: *****
"Harold has been a good friend, a good mentor and a customer for Emu Oil Naturally as well. I've learned a great deal from Harold and he's always been generous with his time, his expertize and his energy. His business acumen is extraordinary. If you want to increase your income, benefit yourself, listen to this man! We're both members of APSense as well.

Give Shirl a hug for me Harold.





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